How to Go Big on a Budget at Your Wedding

Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect and that’s to be expected. But when you start making plans and pricing
things up, it begins to feel like the only way to achieve that dream wedding is to spend a lot of money. But is that really
the case? We believe there are lots of ways around this problem.

Sure, everything is easier if you’ve got a lot of money to throw at the situation. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s
the best way of approaching things. There are lots of small ways to cut down costs and still achieve a wedding day that
you and all your guests will look back fondly on for many years to come. Find out more about those ideas below.

 Plan Ahead

 The first thing you can do is plan ahead. This might not sound like a way to save money on your wedding and spend less
but it really is. When you get things done sooner, they tend to be more financially manageable for you than if you wait until
the last minute. Venues and all the service providers you’ll need to hire will all charge you more money if you book them at
short notice, so by planning ahead and booking early you’ll definitely save significant amounts of money.

 Keep it Intimate

By having a smaller wedding with fewer guests, you’ll obviously have a cheaper wedding. They’re always more expensive when
there are more people in attendance. That’s the way it goes. But having fewer guests doesn’t make your wedding less special or
less of an occasion. In fact, the opposite can be true. You should take steps to keep it intimate and that way you can make it even
more special. It means you’re able to share this moment more closely with the people who are most important to you.
Make the Most of Nature
If you choose to hold the majority of your wedding outdoors, it’ll be cheaper than paying to use a grand building that’s really expensive.
Nature is free (well, almost) and you can then spend more money on other aspects of the wedding instead. Of course, the risk that
comes with this is that you’re not able to predict the weather so you’ll be taking something of a risk. That’s not ideal but it’s something
you can mitigate by selecting a summer day when rain is highly unlikely.


Make Your Own Invitations

Making your own invitations is a great way of saving money. If you’re not able to make your own, there’s probably someone in your
family or a friend who has the necessary skills to make this happen. Buying wedding invitations means taking more of a financial
hit than many people realise and it might not be worth it for you at all. It could be much better for you if you get creative and make
your own, so why not give it a try?

 Don’t Go Overboard with the Flowers

The flowers are another big source of expenditure when organizing a wedding. You should try not to go overboard with them when
planning your wedding because, after all, they don’t add that much. You can make the same kind of impact with a minimalistic flower
arrangement as you can with something bigger and bolder. It’s definitely something worth thinking about when planning.

Find More Affordable But No Less Impactful Rings

Finding a more affordable ring is a good idea too. There are now lots of options out there that have the same visual impact at a fraction of the price

and it’s no coincidence that many brides and grooms are now turning to these options. A great halo engagement ring is the perfect example of that

and there are many designs and variations you can choose from out there so make the most of this if you can.


 Take Care of the Catering Yourself

Taking care of the catering is something that everyone can do if they make their wedding more intimate and limit the guest list.

Catering really only gets out of control when you have lots of people showing up. All you need to do is pull in some favors and
keep things relatively low key and uncomplicated, and it should all be fine. It might not result in the best wedding dinner of all time,
but it doesn’t necessarily have to. 

 Look for a Dress That’s On Sale

 When choosing a wedding dress, you should head to the discounted section and make sure that you choose one that’s for sale at a decent price.

Doing so will enable you to find a dress that is maybe out of season and a little cheaper, but no one will know that this is from last year’s range.

After all, who follows trends in wedding dresses? Pretty much no one unless they’re looking for a wedding dress themselves. This will save you a

lot of money that way too; it’s definitely worth it.

 Plan a Simple Honeymoon

Another way in which you can save money is by planning a very simple and uncomplicated honeymoon for you and your partner.

There are plenty of places you can head to that represent good value for money. You don’t need to head to a tropical island resort
that costs a small fortune. An alternative style of honeymoon can be just as fun and certainly a lot more affordable in many cases,
so don’t rule it out. Maybe you could go backpacking or hiking in nature; all of those things can be organized very cheaply.
There’s no reason why you can’t have a big and extravagant wedding without breaking the bank. There are plenty of ways of making
it happen and it doesn’t need to be a huge challenge either. Make the most of ideas above if you want to have the wedding day of
your dreams and not come out of it in financial ruins.

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