Should You Invite Everyone?

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Etiquette has certainly changed within the last twenty years.
We are much more likely to speak our mind and put ourselves first. However,
when it comes to weddings, we are a bit more traditional. This means that we
are still concerned about keeping up with appearances when it comes to who is
or is not invited. Firstly, this should depend on how big of a wedding you
want, and what you can afford. If you only want a small group, only have a
small group wedding. If you want a large wedding within your budget, invite as
many as you please.     
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When it comes to strange plus ones, never met family members, and unwanted exes, do not feel pressured to invite them. You should spent your day surrounded by those that adore you, not random people you will not remember in five years. Keep your head held high, put your foot down, and do not be afraid to speak your mind.
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