Overall, a wedding planner on your special day is undoubtedly the best idea in having a smooth, successful, stress free wedding.  While there are thousands of great planners out there, there are certain things to look for in who will be the lucky one to plan your perfect day.  Here are some clear characteristics as to who would not be the best at planning a wedding:

  • A new life journey director: while after your wedding you will be starting that next chapter and experience new things, planners aren’t quite the people to address that.  While we most definitely would love to guide you in the right direction, we are not professional psychologists and are not the ones to promise a complete and better new life plan.
  • A sublime wedding sidekick:  there is a reason why there are bridal parties and that is to have loving friends and family members who are always there and guide you, especially on your big day.  Your planner is not there to be your best friend and hold your hand.  They are there to do the work behind it all.
  • A unity illuminatrix:  let’s just say, if you are going to get married, you should be ready to be united.  Planners do not have magic wants to reignite that together-ness spark even when some tough decision making and arguments can come along.  Remember why you love and fell in love with each other.
  • The mistress of wow moments: now while your planner should be able to create wow moments, they sure need your help.  There vision of wow moments could be much different from yours so they need just as much feedback and direction.
  • A wedding guidance counselor: your planner should not also be your psychologist or counselor, they are there to plan your wedding.  They should give you advice but it should be geared towards your wedding planning not how your life should be after it.
  • A demagoge of logistical goodness: while planners are darn good at know what’s logical and what is not, that may not always be what the bride wants.  Practicality is one of the best qualities of a good wedding planner but it also must please the bride.
  • The queen mother of implementation: although ever planner would love to be able to freeze time, not every single thing will happen and pan out as planned on your wedding.  Even planners can come across unexpected twists and turns.  They are there to take care of it when it does happen however.
  • A reception facilitator:  reception sites tend to have a good amount of workers and staff.  It is there responsibility to make sure everything that happens your wedding day is taken care off.  Planner will most definitely supervise and advise any bumps along the way but they don’t own the place.
  • A bridal party wrangler:  planners are the least bet cowboys with a rope, ready to real in your party.  While you should be having the time of your life, make sure your bridal party is always at least somewhat aware of what is going on and is supposed to happen.  No one likes a bad babysitter.
  • And simply a party thrower:  planners are not frat boys, casually throwing together a rowdy good time whenever they feel like it.  There is a reason why there are so many wedding planners out there and event planners in general.  For the best, smoothest, stress-free, smartest wedding day, a planner is the way to go.
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Happy planning!