Helping Your Child With Wedding Attendance

Heading to a wedding is a wonderful, formal and fairytale occasion for most adults. Children also love them,
but they must be catered to just a little differently. After all, to a young child, this whole effort can seem quite artificial.
They might not understand why people are standing around in lines, waiting for someone to arrive. They might feel a
little oppressed by the large crowd and the venue. They might become a little bored, or want to play, or might need to
burn energy. We all know how children are. We can’t blame them for being little bundles of energy.

However, sometimes, out of respect to the Bride and Groom, it can be worthwhile to ensure your child is taken care of
and well looked after. This can prevent any outbursts due to tiredness or irritation, helping the service go along without
a hitch. Of course, reprimanding a child for being a bundle of energy during a wedding is no use. Not only isn’t it fair,
but it won’t work to sooth them. Instead, consider our tips to help you enjoy the wedding procession, and to ensure your
children have a good time and are well behaved:

Plenty Of Sleep

The preparation for the day begins long before the day. If the bride and groom have been stressing out about this day for
the last four months, one night of early preparation could be a worthwhile thing for you to do. It’s only fair, and we say this
with somewhat of a teasing attitude.
It’s important to allow your child to sleep well the night before. If they are at all cranky in the morning due to a lack of sleep,
you can be SURE that they’re going to vocalize it, and quite rightly. This is especially important if you’re expected to attend
for the full day. Some weddings begin quite early in the morning and the afterparty can last for quite a few hours after food
and speeches have been taken into consideration.

Weddings are quite loud. A child might fall asleep in your arms, but they most likely won’t be able to for long. If you have the
option to choose between a well rested, full of life and energy child and one you must keep comforted the entire time, or try
to keep them relatively quiet in the ceremony, it’s definitely worth considering the first. But of course, children are children,
and must never be reprimanded for vocalizing how they feel unless they are intentionally misbehaving to cause trouble.
Plenty of sleep can help them stay in a good mood. Perhaps read to them, help them burn energy the previous day, or
simply go to bed at a right time to ensure they sleep through the night.

Well Fed

If there’s anything more cranky than a tired child, it’s a hungry child. Make sure they are well fed. Bring small snacks
with you just in case they can’t wait around for the full meal, but make sure they are healthy and low in sugar unless you
hope to see them truly bouncing around the walls. Ensure they are also well hydrated through the ceremony with a water
or juice bottle you bring.

Keep Them Engaged

While the main event is of course the wedding taking place, keeping them engaged might be worthwhile. Bringing a handheld
games console muted in sound could potentially help them focus on something other than running around, or potentially bringing
a few toys to play with during a place space in the church or facility, if relatively quiet, could help them feel less bored with the event,
as young children aren’t usually sure of why this event takes so long in the first place. That being said, it might be worth pointing out
how beautiful the dress is, showing them how amazing the interior of the building is, or trying to keep the event exciting for them in
some small way.

Simplify Clothing

Simplify their clothing. Children might like the idea of dressing up, but when four hours into the daily events and tired, it might be that
the blazer or tiara of flowers they’re wearing can feel extremely annoying when this feeling begins to show. Thankfully, helping them
simplify their clothing, such as buying clip on ties, or wearing comfortable shoes can ensure the child feels less stifled, and more open,
active and comfortable during the span of the day. Of course, always ensure that any dress is respectful, but sometimes opting for
alternatives like this can be a fantastic help for your child to enjoy.

With these tips, you are sure to help your child with wedding attendance in an intelligently composed manner.

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