What Your Wedding Colors Mean

Choosing the perfect color for your bridesmaids dresses can be tricky. You
want to make sure  you pick the right color to set the tone for your wedding.
Here are some of the most popular colors and what they say about you:
*Blues- The general feel of this color is calmness. Lighter blues will give
that dainty friendly feeling, darker blues are a strong but elegant choice, and
turquoise will show a fun playful side
*Pinks- Pink is soft and sweet and less harsh then red. Lighter shades of
pink will show tenderness, whereas hot pinks are more spunky and fun
*Greens- Green is a reflection of life, health, and a clean environment.
This will give your wedding a relaxing tone. Medium to light green shades are
great for spring weddings and for a sophisticated yet elegant winter
wedding darker tones work perfect
*Silvers- Very classy color
palette. You can incorporate silver in many ways whether is be for a really modern wedding or a
traditional ceremony
*Golds- A very warm tone that gives of vibes of extravagance and richness. Can be
a little overwhelming if used as your main color so try to just use it simply to
add that luxurious feel to your big day
*Black- This is a sophisticated,
classic color and is easy to use with almost any color combination
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