Less Stress While Wearing “The Dress”

Looking for ways
to eliminate stress while organizing your big day? Look no further! Using these
easy and clever tricks can help any bride stay organized and stress free!

1. Create an
alternative email address strictly for the wedding. Not only will you have
access to everything in one place, your personal email will not continue to
receive emails from venders after the marriage has taken place.

Attending bridal shows and venue locations is a great way to look for wedding
ideas! However, filling out all the paperwork can become repetitive, and may be
inconvenient at times. Instead, keep some return address stickers on you to
avoid having to fill out your personal information on everything that peaks
your interest. 

3. The
thought of thinking everyone who gives a gift at your wedding is mind boggling
to say the least! An easy trick to solve this problem is to have a bridesmaid
write down each guest’s name on a sticky label as you open your gifts, and then
stick them directly on the package.  This
technique removes the chance of a list getting lost, in addition to saving you
time and all the headaches of trying to remember who gave you what on the
special day

4. Worried about
your guests enduring the heat while attending your outdoor summer wedding? You
will be a “fan” of this idea! Purchase or create programs that can also be used
as hand fans to help your guest stay cool! They will appreciate both your
thoughtfulness and creativity.
Congratulations on
your engagement!

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