Don’t Forget about the Bridesmaids

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, we’ve seen it all over the years.. From breaking traditions to the mismatch trend, we’ve loved watching bridesmaid dresses evolve to better reflect individual styles.

What many women don’t realize, though, is that what goes on underneath their dress (hello lingerie!) is just as important to making their look and confidence all come together. We wanted to take a dive into this year’s bridesmaid dress trends in order to figure out their best lingerie match, ensuring the big day goes off without a hitch — or, you know, a strap slip.

To help us out, the folks over at Adore Me put together A Guide to the Perfect Marriage Between Your Bra and Bridesmaid Dress, where they go through varieties and styles of bras from their lingerie collection and match them with the right dress, making sure every bridesmaid feels comfortable and confident on the big day. Check it out!

Here are the trends we’re looking forward to most in 2017, with some tips for the right kind of bra to wear to rock your look with confidence and comfort.

Deep Plunge

Open backs have been a timeless favorite, and the deep plunge falls within the same sexy trend. A deep plunge is perfect for showing off your confidence, but to avoid any unintentional revealing mishaps, prepare with hollywood tape, breast petals, and/or of course the right bra! Look for something with proper support and a contour plunge shape..

One Shoulder
A classic strapless is prone to slipping and can really put a damper on what should be a worry-free evening.  A perfect compromise is the one shoulder: it’s practical and sleek. The single strap retains the elegance of a full strapless, but adds comfort and peace of mind. You can also wear a more supportive bra, like a classic convertible. Now you can cut loose with the bride and the rest of the guests on the dance floor all night without any wardrobe woes!

Flutter Sleeve

The flutter sleeve is one of our absolute favorites. A mixture of contemporary bohemian style with a vintage twist, this style is feminine and is flattering on everyone. Floral patterns, muted tones, or even metallic accents will enhance the sweeping silhouette style. With their surplice necklines, a good convertible push-up bra will give you the maximum amount of support and allure with minimal effort.

High Neckline

As with all trends, there is always a subtle homage  to the past. Voila, the high neckline. Traditionally made with lace and scalloped edges, this style has been updated with taffeta for an ultra sleek touch. There are also halter top variations if that’s more your style.

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