Indispensable People For Your Big Day

OK, so it might sound a little crazy to say this to the bride, but you do know that you are not all on your own when organizing your wedding, don’t you? It can really seem that way sometimes, which makes it super stressful! Even though it’s something that is meant to be the best day of your life! That is why you need to be smart and rely on friends, family and professional around you to give you as much support as possible. Read on to find out more.

Maid of honor

Your maid of honor isn’t just a position that you give to your closest friend, it actually comes with quite a few responsibilities too. For example organizing the hen do.

But don’t think that it stops there because you’re made of honor should basically be the person in your corner throughout the whole thing. If you get a little emotional or everyone else is sick of talking about getting just that right shade of mint green for the napkins, then you maid of honor is the gal that you should be able to go to.


So it’s pretty important that you choose wisely for this role. Pick someone that is honest but not bossy, and that is going to listen to you and make thing easier. Not harder!

Wedding planner

Many brides opt for getting a wedding planner, to help them out with all the hassle and stress both before and on the day, and who can blame them?

Consider this, do you want to be running around on your big day with a churning stomach, worried as to whether the cake is in the right place, and your decorators have put up the bunting property? Or do you want to be zen and calm and just focus on getting ready and enjoying one of the best days of your life?


If it’s the latter, then you may well be able to benefit from a wedding planner, and this is something that you should consider.



Now, of course, you are going to want employ a professional photographer. So you have some professional photos as a lasting memory of the big day.

It doesn’t mean that you family and guest can take some shots with their own cameras and smartphones. But what it does mean is that you will have a picture that is properly posed and framed, as a memento of the day, that you can look back on.

Your other half


Of course, no wedding is going to happen, without the person that you are marrying, and they can be a great source of strength and help for the day as well.  

To make everything run as smoothly as possible, it’s a good idea to assign jobs that need to get done before the day to you and your partner. Give them as much free rein as possible, and then you won’t have to decide everything by committee.

Also, ensure you talk about what elements of your wedding are important to you, and if there are any parts that you are distressed about. Then you can come up with a plan together that will deal with this.

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