How to Have a Mentally Well Marriage

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and we believe that
you should think about how you’re going to go about your marriage once you’re
married. While you’re planning your wedding or buying your flowers, have you thought about the future and
how the two of you are going to stay mentally sound? Having a marriage where
both parties are at good mental health is important, and here are a few reasons

For the

If you’re planning to have kids, being mentally well is important. You must
be able to make rational decisions while parenting and do what you feel is best
for your child. Within reason of course. Being mentally well is important not
only for your health, but for the health of your future family.

For Your

Having strong mental health can help your spouse be a
better person as well. You want you to set a good example for your spouse, and
the same can be applied for your spouse too. With the two of you having strong
mental health, you can help build each other up like never before.


Finally, you should have strong mental health for your own
future as well. When you’re aging, having strong mental health can keep you
sharp and keep you up with people even half your age.

How You Can
Grow Mentally With Your Spouse

With that said, here are some ways you can grow with your

Always Have

Some people like the idea of settling down, but we believe
that you should never settle. Instead, you should look for your next goal and
try to make some plans to achieve it, with your spouse working alongside you to
help. Accomplishing goals can help you grow as a person, and plus it just feels
good to reach one of your life goals.


As a couple, you will get into fights. No matter how close
or alike you are, you will have your differences. Some people don’t want
express disagreements because they want to keep the peace. The problem with
that philosophy is that it’s possible for you to explode on someone after years
of bottling things up. So express your grievances in a calm and collected
manner. This can help the two of you find the solutions that you’re looking

Have Alone

Just because you’re always together doesn’t mean you don’t
have different hobbies. Having some time to yourself isn’t a bad thing, and you
should look into having a night out with the boys or girls, or taking some time
to do your own hobby. A bit of alone time is always good.

At the Same
Time, Spend Time Together

If you have a job that keeps you apart from your spouse
for too long, this can be a problem as well. You don’t want to feel like you’re
growing distant from the love of your life, now do you? It can be hard to have
jobs that allow the both of you to spend more time together, but try to do it
if possible.

Talk to a Counselor

A couple’s counselor isn’t just for couples whose
marriages are falling apart. Regular counseling can help the two of you grow as a couple. You can air
out disagreements and plan for the future in a safe area and be able to find
things about each other that you may not have realized before. We say that
counseling is definitely worth looking into for the future of your marriage and
to improve your overall mental health.

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