You’ve got your man and you’ve got your dress, now what. Flowers!

Who knew there were so many different types. Before you become too overwhelmed with the hundreds of types of flowers, narrowing down the style of your bouquet can help your florist determine what will work and save you the headache. If you find yourself looking for a less traditional style of bouquet, here are some other top styles to help narrow down your search.

Asymmetrical- an asymmetrical bouquet allows flowers to flow naturally. The flowers and greens are longer and fuller on one side than the other.

Waterfall- a waterfall bouquet is heaviest at the top of the bouquet tapers down. This style is one of the most dramatic.

Flat or Presentation- this bouquet has long stemmed flowers that rest flat against the brides arm.

Crescent- This bouquet’s flowers arc out from both sides of the center of the bouquet.