Fabulous Food: What Are The Options For Your Wedding Reception?

The food is an important part of any wedding reception, and when you’re planning your big day it’s something you’ll want
to get right. There are more options than you might have initially realized, and you can tailor it based on your budget and
the style of your big day. Here are some to consider.

DIY Buffet
Weddings are expensive, there’s no denying that. If you’re looking for somewhere to cut costs, then food is certainly one
place you can do so, and DIYing a wedding buffet is the way to do it. Along with some close loved ones to help you out,
you can rustle up platters of sandwiches, cold chicken, cakes and sweets and pastries without breaking the bank.
It’s something you could all work on the night before the wedding, making sure everything is carefully wrapped and
taken to the venue the next morning. This would be an obvious choice for a smaller wedding, but it definitely something
you could scale up for more guests if you had the extra help. How about creating a cake table to make things look extra
impressive, along with your wedding cake you could purchase some shop bought gateau, victoria sponges and other large
cakes and put them on stands. Not to mention cupcakes, you can buy packs of these really cheaply and decorate them
yourself with some buttercream icing.

Catering company
If you don’t have the time to create your own buffet, want to avoid the stress of doing things yourself or just want a more
professional finish, why look into catering packages? There will be different options for all kinds of budgets, and you have
peace of mind knowing that your food is sorted on the day. Sometimes your venue will give you the option of using their
caterers, or you can do some research and find a company yourself.

Hog roast
A hog roast is a great, relaxed choice that works well for a summer wedding. A hog roast company will come in and serve pork
and stuffing rolls (with things like baked potatoes for vegetarians). If your venue has outdoor seating it can be a fun and relaxed
way for everyone to enjoy their meal. And the cost per person is much less than some other dining options.

Serve yourself stations
Serve yourself stations are becoming increasingly popular at weddings. They’re a little less formal but give plenty of options
and allow your guests to have hot food. You can get everything from pizza stations to carveries, Chinese food, Indian food and
much more. Guests line up with their plate, choose their options and are served up their meal.

Sit down meal

By far the most formal dining option is a traditional sit down meal. Here your guests will usually be served three courses, with food being brought out by the venue’s servers. If you’ve gone with a very traditional wedding then this might be the best option for you. But it’s also the most expensive, so be sure to bear that in mind. If you have a lot of guests, this is likely to be the priciest part of your wedding.

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