The Day That Everybody Remembers: What’s Unforgettable About Weddings?

If you want to blow your guests away on your wedding day, you might need to try something new and unexpected. While most people love to be invited to weddings, it is not uncommon that most guests will not keep a lasting memory of the event. After all, all weddings are the same. But are they really? If you want your wedding to make a special statement and win your guests’ heart, you will have to be creative! Thankfully, there are plenty of options that will guarantee a beautiful day that nobody will forget. Indeed, you could be playful with your décor, your dress, or even your guest souvenirs!

An Amazing Décor That People Can’t Forget

There are different ways of creating a beautiful décor that is out of the ordinary: You could pick a local location and be playful with the decoration, or you could choose a more intimate wedding celebration in an amazing location. When it comes to decorations that steal the show, the current trend is for upside down decorations, such as flower arrangements on the ceiling, or a sea of romantic umbrellas covering your ceiling, for example. Current ceiling décor trends are very appreciated as they set a romantic atmosphere that really works well with guests. But if you are up for a wedding outside of your normal boundaries, you could consider a Hawaii beach wedding with a limited number of guests. This barefoot wedding paradise can make your day very special indeed!

Dresses That Turn Your Guests’ Heads

For most brides, it is difficult to pick any other dress than the tradition white princess’s dress. However, in such a traditional constellation, you can let your bridesmaids shine a little too with dresses that make a statement. Indeed, it is common for modern weddings to pick a color set and leave it to the bridesmaids to choose the perfect dress for their body shape within the criteria, for example. Or if you are an adventurous bride, why not pick a themed wedding and let it inspire everyone’s clothes: For instance, a purple wedding could show a variety of shades of purple and lilac for you, your bridesmaids, the groom and his groomsmen too. And while you are at it, do make sure to keep the décor consistent too!

Souvenirs That Are Out Of This World

Your wedding day is a beautiful celebration day that will create plenty of memories for you to cherish. However, for your guests, the day might be a little poor in memories. Most guests will keep pictures of the bride and the groom and will not have many pictures of themselves. This is why it’s always a good idea to make sure that your guests won’t leave without owning a little part of your day and making memories with you and their friends. Most weddings now hire a photographer who is in charge of creating the memories, but you could also try a DIY photo booth that will bring a lot of entertainment to the celebration! Some ideas are as simple as making a giant photo frame to hold as you take a picture or using a chalkboard as a playful prop. So get inventive!

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