Planning A Styled Shoot

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Working with others can be a challenge, especially if everyone
has their own way of doing things. This can happen in any industry. In the
wedding planning industry this can often happen when doing a styled shoot. Vendors
you work with may have different ideas of how to organize a shoot. I hope this post will give you an inside scoop of how to collaborate well with others and tips to get your shoot published!
Your first step is to know where you want to submit your photographs. Do this before talking to others so you can explain what style and theme you want to create and who you want to publish it. If you are doing something chic and classy in Chicago don't expect to be published in Southern Weddings. When determining a style don't go with what is trendy. Show potential clients what you can do by being creative. And if you want to stick with tradition, try and think outside the box and add your own flare to certain details. Choose your style, do your research, ask vendors to be a part of your shoot. 
Finding the right vendors should not be easy. It's important to hand pick the other vendors because they will be a significant part of your team. If you have a clear idea of what you want, make sure the vendor you choose can do what you're asking and that they can do that style. Take a look at previous work they've done to ensure that they can do what you want to accomplish. Also, don't be afraid to ask people to be a part of your shoot. If you're coordinating a shoot from Michigan and want a vintage oil lamps from New York then email the supplier! Let them know what it's for and that they will get credit for any work published. They may love the idea and want their name to be marketed in another state. 
Treat your vendors like a client. This is a great opportunity to show people what it's like to work with you. Provide everyone with a detailed schedule and timeline so they know what to expect before they even show up. Remember to keep vendors in the loop with progress of any pictures being published. Remind them that it could take months maybe even years to get published but reassure them that as soon as you hear any news they will be contacted.

With that in mind, don't feel bad if you're a wedding planner and you don't receive any clients from shoots. Planners may not get a lot of credit from a styled shoot because not many brides or couples look at the pictures and think about the person who coordinated everything. However, planners do build vendor relationships and get publicity from the shoots. If the photographer or baker gets hired because of the shoot then they can recommend their client to hire you for planning. 
Another tip is to include styled shoots into your budget. Even if vendors offer their services for free, some locations may need payments for table or chair rentals as well as labor fees. Shoots typically last a couple hours so I would also budget in snacks and water for all of the vendors.
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