A Milestone, Not A Millstone! Different Ways To Mark Your Wedding Anniversary

One of the hallmarks of a happy marriage is, at least from the perspective of the groom, being able to remember
the anniversary! But, as the years tick by, the anniversary can be one of those things that you pay lip service to,
rather than actually celebrating. We all know that there’s the Paper Anniversary, the Ruby Anniversary, and the
Diamond Anniversary, not to mention plenty of others, but if you want to mark the occasion, are there any unique
ways you can do it?
Learning A Skill
You wouldn’t necessarily think of learning a new skill as essential to mark an anniversary, but if you are both keen
proponents of fine dining, taking a cookery class together is different enough. And, you’ve got an abundance of
recipes up your sleeves to cook for that romantic meal next year! Or, if you are both fond of the outdoors, going
on a climbing expedition, or learning a practical skill so you can go hiking more means that you’re thinking about
activities you can do as a couple. As the years go by, we can tend to do things just to suit our own interests.
By learning a skill, one that you can both benefit from, you’re making that conscious decision to spend more time together.
Reliving Your Special Day
You’ll always have the big day in the back of your mind, and you’ll know roughly what time you cut the cake, when
you had your first dance, and the time you said “I do.” You could find little ways to celebrate these small moments
and incorporate them into your day. Now, you might not want to get back into your wedding dress for the entire day,
but maybe you could repurpose it. Usines Art Ivry is a wedding dress designer that takes old or discarded wedding
dresses and turns them into something else. So you could wear your wedding dress for the day, but it’s in the form
of something else. When you’re reliving your special day, if you think about the timeline of events, but also have the
same meal you had on your big day, listen to the same music, or even have a little cake cutting ceremony of your own,
it’s a unique way to honor that special day.
A Second Honeymoon?
Maybe you didn’t have much of a honeymoon first time around because you didn’t have the budget, and it’s worth thinking
about as every milestone approaches that you can finally have the honeymoon that you wanted. Or maybe it’s time to go
back to that special place where you had an amazing honeymoon. Of course, duties tend to get in the way of marking the
milestone, but if you can get away for a few days and see more of the place where you went on your honeymoon, you’re
able to bring back old memories of your first honeymoon, but add exciting new ones to it as well.

It’s not always easy to mark your wedding anniversary, but likewise, you don’t want to be neglecting it either! Think about marking the occasion in your own unique way.

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