Brides go Green

With such a big emphasis on the planets conservation brides are joining in and planning ecofriendly weddings. Choosing a wedding venue that is close to where most your guests live is an effective way to limit transportation. Some good locations are parks, museums, or protected areas. Try serving local, organic, seasonal cuisine.

After the wedding you can donate the leftover food to homeless shelters or soup kitchens. Instead of sending out invitations use a website to post directions, maps, accommodations, and any other information. For any paper you do have to use make sure it is 100% recycled and renewable cotton paper.

When shopping for your dress look for fabrics that are natural such as cotton, silk, or hemp linen. You could also recycle, and use your moms wedding dress or find a vintage dress in a specialty store.

Find a florist that uses local, organically grown flowers. With leftover floral arrangements, you can donate to nursing homes, hospice, or hospitals to enjoy. Start a trend that will have an impact on the planet for years to come!

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