Best Bachelorette Party Ideas

Congratulations! Your best friend is getting married! She has found the man of her dreams and you can’t wait to welcome him into your life! (Because, let’s face it, he’s not just marrying his bride, but her entire group of friends as well.) You have been asked to be a bridesmaid, because, of course,  you have. There is a lot to do before the big day — dress fittings, picking out the cake, getting the flowers correct, and setting up where everyone will sit. But your biggest duty as a bridesmaid comes before the big day. Your time to shine is the bachelorette party. While these celebrations have been around in some form or another since the Roman era, bachelorette parties rose to fame during the women’s sexual revolution in the 1960s. They have now evolved into one last fling between a bride and her girlfriends before she gets married. The bonds between women is a strong one that must be celebrated. Time to get planning! Because your best friend deserves nothing but the best for her last fling before the ring!

For the Simple Bride

Bachelorette parties have gained a reputation for being wild nights out involving strippers, phallic shaped items, and potentially too much alcohol. While some girls may love that plan, this is not the idea of a perfect party for everyone. Not to worry! There are absolutely opportunities to still enjoy a special day or night with the bride to be. Recently, bachelorette parties are trending in a different direction. There are plenty of fun activities to do with the bridal party that do not involve a crazy night of bar hopping. Some examples are camping, cooking classes, or canvas painting. Remember, it is a special day for the bride, so planning anything she would enjoy will be a fun day to remember.

You may even be able to sneak in something that pertains to the wedding day. If you are throwing the party a few days before the wedding, maybe you can plan a full spa day. That way you are pampering the bride and preparing her for the wedding day all at the same time. Weddings are only getting more elaborate these days. What if you plan a bachelorette party to take some dance lessons and classes? Then you can show off your mad skills at the reception. The easiest way to excite a crowd of wedding guests is be pulling out a secretively choreographed dance from the wedding party. So really, you could be covering the party and the entertainment for the reception in one! There are a multitude of activities and places to explore with your bride, even if drinking isn’t her scene.

For the Partier

However, there are some brides who love the nightlife and are aching for a wild bachelorette night to remember… or one that they won’t. If your bride enjoys letting loose and taking shots of tequila, a night out may be the way for you to go. Now, bar-hopping takes a level of planning. First of all, are you planning to stay in your area or travel to a bigger city? If you are traveling over 30 minutes for your night out, it is a smart idea to book a few hotel rooms that are easy to get to by taxi. Safety is absolutely key. Nothing ruins a wedding week more than ruining your new Ford 2018 vehicles, because you forgot to assign a designated driver. A hotel also may not be a big price to pay to allow everyone to drink together. This is your bride’s special night, so she shouldn’t have to worry about anything.

Another way to spruce up the evening is to create a fun theme and plan a controlled pre-party. Everyone coming together before leaving for the bars allows for you to enjoy some time together until things get crazy. Plus, this can make your evening more affordable. Check out the liquor store in Lawrenceville, NJ for cheaper alcohol. Bars have higher prices, so if the goal is to have a night of drinking, start drinking at home for cheaper (but don’t forget that whole safety thing from earlier though). You can also create a theme for your group, and your home is an easier space to decorate. Even something as simple as matching shirts will allow everyone to feel a part of the fun. Plus those might win you some free drinks later, and who doesn’t love free drinks?

Once you leave your house, you may want to map out a set plan. Can you start the night at one of the bride’s favorite bars and circle around to another of her favorites at the end of the night? Is there a place you can go for some crazy karaoke? Are strip clubs an option or a complete no-no? Planning these things in advance will allow you to continue having fun with minimum regrets the next morning.

For the Traveler

There is another avenue for bachelorette party success that we have yet to explore. This is the idea for a full bachelorette trip. Perhaps your bride is a traveler who loves to indulge her adventurous side. While traveling with her hubby will be enjoyable, there always needs to be room for a fun girls’ trip.

Any trip you plan can be as extravagant or simple as you would like. A quick trip to a different city nearby can be exactly the change of scene to make your trip fun. There are sure to be plenty of fun towns and smaller cities around you that could be a simple weekend getaway. You can also go the extravagant route and plan a full week away. Get some really close friends together to go zip lining in Costa Rica or go surf Hawaii. This may be a little trickier to plan into everyone’s schedule and budget. But if everyone agrees to the plan, it could make for a once in a lifetime trip that your bride is sure to remember forever.

Make It About Her

The key to a fabulous bachelorette party, regardless of theme or craziness, is to make it all about the bride. Enjoy your time together being fun and free. Pamper her and go on a crazy adventure. Having a partner is great and all, but your girlfriends are your soul sisters. And that, my friends, is certainly something to celebrate.

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