The Real Cake Boss

After a hearty meal, everyone at your wedding will most likely be stuffed! As they saying goes though, there’s always room for dessert! With so many choices and baker selections, where do you start?  Here are some tips in selecting your perfect wedding cake:
-Start planning in advanced!  There are many planning commitments to make as soon you get engaged but making plans to order your cake should be one of them.  Plan on ordering your cake six months before your wedding day.
-Find your inspiration!  Glance at websites, magazines and other information sites to see what you like. You might also like some unexpected types of cakes as well.
-Book a bakery!  Think of your favorite bakeries and pastry shops.  Explore there style and price.  Choose the bakery that will best accomplish your look but still work with your budget.  Also keep in mind the location of your bakery and your venue.
-Choose the design!  Make sure your cake reflects yourself as a couple but also ties in with your weddings theme.  Keep in mind the more elaborate your cake is, the more expensive it will cost.  Always show your cake consultant inspiration pieces, pictures, and drawings to show them that exact look.
-Know the numbers!  Tell your baker the amount of guests you expect to attend your wedding and that will help him determine the size cake you need.  This may include the number of tiers, width, etc. Also know whether you plan to save the top tier or not.
-Find the flavor! Bakers always offer a wide variety of cakes, frostings and toppings to choose from.  If you’re having a larger wedding, two flavors is a good idea so guests can choose what kind they like or just to have another option.
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Happy Planning!

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