The Wonders Of Having A Winter Wedding

Many brides believe having a winter wedding is a huge mistake! Especially when you live in Michigan where the weather is completely unpredictable. Instantly when you think of winter you think the gross, wet and terrible months we all go through. But what you should be thinking is how beautiful and elegant winter weddings are.

Just imagine while you and your husband are saying your “I Do’s” and snow starts falling while you share your first kiss as a married couple. I believe winter weddings are the most romantic. Whats better the snuggling up to your loved one under a nice warm fire!

The best aspects of a winter wedding is the photography, the colors you can pick from and the flowers. Some great colors you can pick are a jewel tones such as, dark blue, deep red, forest green and dark purple. When paired with white those colors really shine.

The photographs you will get taken during this day will be breath taking. Your white dress against the snow is a must have even if it is freezing cold out side! 
The flowers you can pick during this season are endless! You don’t have to settle for just flowers either you can pick pine cones or needles and spices. 
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