Fun Summer Trends

This summer we have seen a lot of fun new ideas to incorporate at your wedding. Here are some of the most popular this season:

Personalized Themes: A lot of brides are getting away from the traditional venues and opting for a more meaningful place. Such as a local beach, park, or zoo. Places where the couple first meet or like to spend their time together at.

Desserts: Another fun trend that has been popping up is cake pops. As well as dessert bars, cupcakes, and cotton candy stands.

DIY: The “do it yourself” is a great way to save economically. Also, what better way to incorporate your own sense of style in your wedding. You can make your own centerpieces, invitations, table cards and much more!

Old School Photography: Photography has taken on a vintage vibe. It’s a very simple relaxed look and tons of fun to take these pictures!

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