Making Your Dream Destination Wedding Come True

Who would not want to stage a wedding, a very important
milestone in one’s lifetime, in a scenic spot away from home? A destination
wedding is a dream for many couples, but only a few go ahead with it. The
moment they take a peek into the budget allocation to make it come true, they
wake up from their dream instantly.

The Expenses That Go Into Planning

One thing that can put you back to building your dream destination wedding again and
believe that it can happen is that even traditional weddings could cost a lot
of money these days. Every aspect of the big day, from the caterer and the
florists to the videographers, couture, and the makers of custom design wedding
rings, may command hefty price tags.
If you are to set your wedding miles away from home, you
will probably need to make only a few adjustments here and there to make ends
For example, you can cut the number of guests you will fly
into the destination and stick to just the most important people in your life.
Streamlining your guest list also means you have fewer people to feed, a
smaller venue to book, and will need lesser of everything.
In the end, a destination wedding could even become a
cheaper alternative. Here’s how:
  • Set a
    budget early in the planning stage. It is very important that you know
    exactly how much you can expend for the wedding, so you can be realistic
    with every choice that you make.
  • Study
    your destination carefully. Like any tourist spot, your destination would
    have high and low seasons, which can make a huge difference in the price
    of most elements of your wedding.
  • Booking
    early can also allow you price cuts here and there. So, once you are
    decided that you are firm about holding the wedding in a particular
    destination, start scouting for the lodging and dining options and look
    for big discounts.
  • Let
    those in your guest list know as early as possible that they are invited
    and include all the details in your pronouncement. This will help them
    prepare and do everything they can to join you on your special day. It
    would also be wise to stick to your guest list when building your
  • Cut
    down on several features to have something more to allocate on other
    things. If you fancy stylish, custom-designed wedding bands,
    you may ask your jeweler for a cheaper material to be used to save some
    money without compromising the quality.
A destination wedding is not for everyone. But it’s not
really about the budget. It is not for those who want to be on top of the
entire planning process. It is not for those who have a huge guest list that’s
difficult to trim for fear of hurting their feelings. It is also not for those
who will feel upset if someone they invited did not make it to the destination.
But if you feel cool about “come what may” on your wedding day, go
ahead; follow your heart and make your dream destination wedding a reality.

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