Changing into a Reception Dress

Thinking about changing out of your wedding dress for your reception? Your wedding gown may be big, bulky, uncomfortable, or just impractical for dancing and moving around. Wearing a reception dress is something that’s becoming more and more common, especially when your big, beautiful gown may hinder your party fun.

Some brides decide to do this before the reception begins, or some may choose to wait until after dinner, cake cutting, first dance etc. When you’re ready to get your party on, changing into a party dress is something many brides opt for.

Another plus of changing into a reception dress is not having to worry about your wedding dress getting dirty. With all the food, drinks, and partying going on, a reception dress ensures that your wedding dress will stay clean. Not to mention, if your dress drags on the ground, changing into a reception dress will prevent the bottom of your dress from getting dirty.

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