Shark Week!

Oh yes sharks are involved in this crazy wedding! Though it’s not an all week long blog, this quirky couple did recite their vows in the presence of sharks!
            Bride, April Pignataro and Groom, Michael Curry hail from the great city of New York. As experienced divers they decided that they wanted to get married in the most unusual way, in a shark cage! In June of 2010 at the Atlantis Marine World, located in Riverhead, New York, April and Michael jumped into their white and black wetsuits and climbed into a 120,000 gallon shark enclosure. While protected from the nurse sharks, sand sharks, eels, and groupers by the cage, they recited their vows into mikes so that the Officiant, friends, and family could hear them outside. 

What an exciting and unforgettable experience! Congratulations to April and Michael on your union!
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