If the Shoe Fits…

So you’ve found your dress for the big day, now all you need is that perfect shoe to complete the look. Finding shoes to compliment your dress can be challenging, but if you follow a couple guidelines you should be sure to find your shoe in no time!

The type of wedding you are having will affect the type of shoe you should pick out. For example, if your having an evening wedding with a glam gown you could wear strappy evening heels. Make sure you consider that all whites are different shades, you should take a swatch from your dress to compare colors. Also, when your getting alterations on your dress make sure to take your shoes with you so the length of your dress goes with the height of your heels. There is one rule of thumb you should always remember; fancy shoes for a simple dress and simple shoes with an elaborate gown. If you choose to not follow the rule just keep in mind that embellishments on your dress should match with the ones on your shoes.


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