The Bridal Shower

Did you know that the custom of a bridal shower is said to have originated in Holland? Legend has it that one man refused to provide the then-essential dowry for his daughter because he didn’t approve of the marriage. The bride-to-be’s friends then banded together to provide the dowry by ‘showering’ her with gifts. Thus the Bridal shower was born.

Today it is custom to have a bridal shower for close friends and family to come together to share in the celebration of a couples decision to be married. And, of course, to shower the couple with gifts. However, don’t become overwhelmed when thinking of who to invite to the shower. Normally only the closest friends and family members need to be included. This is because the shower is meant to be an intimate time. Now if you feel the need to invite every woman on your guest list, that is fine too. It just depends on what is right for you.