Where Do You Meet Your Significant One?

Every year in the USA, 2.3 million couples wed. To give you a rough idea of volumes, that’s the equivalent of 6,200 weddings a day
all year through. Needless to say, it’s a humongous number of wedding ceremonies, so it’s only natural to wonder how these couples
managed to meet and get together. First of all, it’s interesting to note that a significant number of couples benefit from previous experience
when it comes to meeting their significant one. Indeed, one-third of the individuals who get married every year have been married before,
meaning that they’re more likely aware of the best and worst spots to find their second half.
Ultimately, if you’re a believer that there is someone out there who’s right for you, finding them can be the equivalent of looking for a needle
in a haystack. Where do you start looking and how can you know when the search is over?

You didn’t have a choice in old days
While modern society has brought people the right to make decisions about their lifestyles, their careers, their families and, most importantly,
their love lives. Indeed, arranged marriages were a historic tradition that meant involved someone else than the bride and the groom.
The tradition continues to exist in distant regions of the globe, but in most places, couples are in control. Historically, arranged marriages
were used as a way to ensure diplomatic, economic and politic agreements between two families. What this means, to put it clearly, is that
the bride and the groom were selected by the families to ease a situation, such as royal weddings brought peace to European regions.
Ultimately, the question at the time was not of where you would meet your significant other, but what their family would bring to yours.

What do modern couples prefer?
Nowadays, as the situation has changed, more and more people find this freedom of choice challenging. Left to their own devices, modern couples
revert to traditional strategies to meet their second half. Indeed, almost 48% of MIllennials met their significant others through common friends,
establishing their initial connection in real life. However, this isn’t to say that online dating can’t be a successful approach. In fact, almost 10% of
couples met via an online dating site, such as weddings like this; you can find out more about
How online dating transformed Joe Kashurba and his bride’s lives here. The lesson here is that, while there is a variety of meeting options,
most couples naturally look in the best place for their personality.

Choice is nothing without a compatibility test
There’s a big difference between meeting someone and marrying them. And that’s precisely why you need to keep an open mind, not only regarding
where you meet your partner, but also how you determine that they’re right for you. Discussing your perspective on life can reveal plainly whether a
union has a chance or not. People who share a belief or a direction are more likely to stay together. If you’re politically, spiritually and emotionally
incompatible, you’ll struggle to maintain your marriage. If you do struggle in your marriage it’s best to get some marriage therapy help at
When it comes to weddings, the idea of a soul mate who’s waiting for you is absurd. The world is filled with interesting people, and consequently,
you’re likely to get on with more than one individual. The secret is to open your options to meet new people, through friends and online sites,
and assess your compatibility.

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