Ace that Job Interview: How to Get Your Dream Job

As a college student you may be looking for that perfect internship to prep for your dream job after college. Each wedding season we hire an intern or sometimes interns for our internship program. 
Job hunting is one of the most exciting yet tedious tasks
all adults have to go through. Before completing your pre-employment requirements,
you have to pass a series of interviews first. For one thing, preparing for a
job interview can be easier said than done. When it comes to job interviews,
you can expect the unexpected, especially when it comes to answering your
interviewer’s questions.
How to ace that job interview

Landing a schedule for a job interview is one thing.
Attending the job interview itself is another. You need to pass the interviews
first before you get your dream job. Now if you want to pass your interviews,
you need to make a good impression and respond to the questions with
The last thing you want to be is to look good in your resume
but fail miserably in the interview. It is most likely that you have not
prepared well before the interview. Or perhaps nervousness got in the way while
you were being interviewed by your potential employer. The next time you are
set for a job interview, here are some things that you should do to ace that
1. Stalk the company.
This means getting to know more about the company you are
applying for. In other words, you should not only be familiar with the job
vacancy but also the company you are applying for. By researching the company,
you can have an idea of their culture, their vision-mission, how they treat
their employees, and so on.
2. Understand what you are applying for.
Don’t simply apply in a job just because it’s there.
Instead, you need to know why you are applying for the position in the first
place. Do you think you fit in the position? Do the qualifications match your
current skills? These are some of the most important things to consider before
passing your resume.
3. Anticipate the questions you might be asked.
Most employers would like to know more about your personal
and work background. Aside from that, expect questions that can land you a spot
in the company. This includes knowing your strengths and weaknesses, your
career plans after five years, your willingness to travel or relocate, and
other questions that you have to think about before answering.
4. Practice makes perfect.
There are instances when you might feel nervous while the
job interview is ongoing. That is why you should be well-prepared before the
interview itself. You can conduct a mock interview and prepare your answers for
the questions you might be possibly asked. You can also try videoing yourself
during your mock interview so that you can check which areas you can improve.
5. Relax and be yourself.
Most importantly, you need to keep calm and do your best for
the interview. Make sure to stay positive that you will get the job. If not,
then you can simply move on and look for another job – there’s a lot out there.
Job hunting can be tedious, but it’s another story when it
comes to job interviews. Sure, it can be nerve-wracking. However, you simply
need to do your best and stock up enough knowledge and confidence if you want
to land your dream job.
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