Something Borrowed, Blue, Old and New

When I think of wedding traditions the first thing that comes to mind is something borrowed, blue, old and new. Every bride I have talked to can list off all of the items they used for this tradition.

Most of the items you will choose as a new bride will be from friends and family. But incase you are in need of some new, fun and creative ideas we have formed a list for you to choose from.
Something Old: 
– One idea a lot of people have been doing this summer is using a a classic car for transportation on the      big day. 
– You could find a vintage pocket mirror and place it in your purse for the night. 
– Have the ceremony or reception at a historical location.
– You could use a antique book mark for the ceremony to mark the readings 
Something Borrowed: 
– Borrow a book from the library that has a poem or reading you would like read at your ceremony.
– Borrow jewelry from a friend or member 
– Borrow a man or a women’s button down shirt for when you get your hair and make up done. 
Something New: 
– Buy a new lipstick only for your wedding day 
– Design a custom perfume for you on this big day
– Buy a new charm for your charm or Pandora bracelet 
Something Blue: 
– Pack blue lingerie for the wedding night 
– Have a touch of blue eye shadow on your wedding 
– Put one blue flower in your bouquet if blue isn’t in your color scheme.

Another creative idea is you could tie the items you find or buy into the theme of your wedding.

Congratulations on your engagement!

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