The Tune That Represents The Couple

Just imagine grabbing your partners hand and heading towards the dance floor. This is the first time as a couple where you and your partner embrace each other in an intimate moment. As your walking towards the dance floor what first dance song are you hearing in the background?

The first song you dance too as a couple is a very essential part of your wedding, and the rest of your lives together. When you and your partner walk on to the dance floor, this is the moment where your guests get to witness you two coming together and enjoying each other while dancing. Each guest stares at how happy you two are hoping this moment is all you want it to be and more.

It is important you pick a song both you and your partner will like, because this song will be your song for the rest of your lives together. When you hear it you will smile and think of the person you share this song with.

Important things you should remember when picking the song.

1) Make sure the song doesn’t have any past memories linked to it. You want to make sure this song is something new for you are your partner.

2) Make sure the song is something both you and your partner enjoy. You don’t want the song to bother  you in the future.

3) Make sure you can dance to the song. Don’t pick something to fast where you can’t keep up to the beat.

4) Make sure the song isn’t to slow. Even though it is your day you don’t want to bore your guests as you and your partner share this wedding moment.

Congratulations on your engagement!

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