Save the Date!

Work, school, family, friends…the list goes on and on about what is included in our typical but busy schedules. Your wedding, however, should be a number one priority and remembered date amongst all of these daily activities. Many brides nowadays are using save the date cards to give guests notification of their upcoming wedding. Here are some tips about these cards and how they can really assist in planning your wedding:

*The wording for save the dates consist should be short and sweet. Just your names, date of your wedding, location, and that an invitation is to follow. No other information is really necessary.

*As far as design and style of the card, these cards are a great way to introduce your theme, if one has been established, giving guests a sneak peak. You can incorporate colors or other features of your wedding scheme.

*These cards can be done a little more casually. Things such as magnets are a fun but functional way to do save the dates. They should be creative and not as formal as your actual invitations.

*These cards are typically mailed six months in advanced and maybe even earlier for a destination wedding or a date near a holiday. This will most likely prevent a lower amount of attendees to your wedding

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