The Pros And Cons Of Choosing Your Own Engagement Ring

Something that is becoming more and more popular among couples is proposing without an engagement ring,
and then going to choose the ring together. Why shouldn’t somebody have a say in their own engagement ring?
They will be expected to wear it every day, so they should seriously like it and want to wear it. However, it’s probably
best to weigh up the pros and cons of choosing your own engagement rings first, before you decide what the best
course of action is for you.

Below we have the pros of choosing your own engagement ring:

You Won’t Have To Drop Hints
Dropping hints can be tiresome, and there’s nothing worse than knowing your hints aren’t even being received
by the person you’re trying to drop them to. When you choose your own engagement ring, you won’t have to
drop hints at all. It’ll make it so much easier for the both of you!

You’ll Get A Ring That You Love And Matches Your Style 100%
Nobody likes to think that they would be presented with a ring they hated, but it does happen and it could happen
if you have absolutely no say in it. When you choose your own ring, you’ll get a ring that you absolutely adore.
Plus, you can make sure it matches your every day style, which may not be something your partner considers
when looking at rings. These rings can help you to get started on your search for a beautiful engagement ring
so you have something in mind you might want.

It’ll Be The Perfect Size
Your partner isn’t a mind reader, and the surprise is pretty much going to be spoiled anyway if they come at you
with a ring sizer. Most people end up having to have a ring adjusted in some way when they don’t go shopping with
their partner. This of course takes more time and money. By choosing your own ring, you’ll make sure it fits you first
time around – then you can share the great news with your friends and family ASAP!

You Can Take Some Stress Away From Your Partner
Just imagine how stressful it is having to go out on your own and choose the ‘perfect’ ring. A ring that fits, makes your
partner cry, and of course, makes them scream ‘yes!’. It can actually put some people off proposing at all. By choosing
your own engagement ring, you’ll be taking a lot of the stress away from them.

You Can Make It A Bonding Day Out
Going out ring shopping together could make this a wonderful day out to remember. Maybe start with a nice relaxed
breakfast and then head to some of your favorite jewelry stores. Probably best not to stop off for drinks anywhere while
shopping though – it’s an exciting day, but you don’t want your beer goggles on when you choose your ring!

You Can Make Sure It Stays Within Budget
Your partner may feel under pressure to impress you with something uber expensive, but when you’re there, you can
reassure them and ensure they stay within budget.

There are only a few cons to choosing your own engagement ring. They are:

You Won’t Be Surprised
When you have your engagement ring, you won’t be surprised. It’s important to weigh up how important feeling surprised
is to you. Some people don’t like being surprised at all, so choosing their own engagement ring is probably right for those
people. How important is feeling surprised in the short term, when you want to end up with a beautiful ring in the long term?
Make sure you think about this carefully!

You’ll Know How Much They Spent
Maybe you and your partner don’t discuss money much, or don’t like to. There are ways around this. For example, your partner
could have a private chat with the jeweler beforehand so that they only show rings within their budget, and you don’t have to be
any the wiser. However, for some this won’t even be an issue, but it’s just something to consider.

How To Discuss Choosing Your Own Engagement Ring With Your Partner
So, let’s say you’ve decided you want to choose your own engagement ring with your partner. Great! Now you need to tell them.
If you feel comfortable, this doesn’t have to be a big formal conversation that frightens them and makes them want to run for the hills.
Assuming you’ve been together a while, and you know marriage is probably on the horizon for both of you, maybe mention you heard
about somebody else doing it, and you think that’s what you’d like to do. If they’re willing to talk further about it, mention how it’ll be less
stressful for them and how you can choose the ring together and make it more meaningful.

Custom Rings
Alternatively, if you’re torn because you want to be surprised but you also want to make sure you love your ring, there’s something else you
can do. Designing a custom ring isn’t actually as expensive as you probably think, and it can leave you with a gorgeous ring that nobody
else has. You could suggest this to your partner, and make sure they know your favorite metal, stones, and shapes – plus whether you want
something a little flashier or something a little more understated.

So, should you choose your own engagement rings? It’s all personal preference, of course, but there certainly does seem to be a lot more
pros than cons. When you think about how stressed out your partner will probably get, and how there’s a chance you might get the wrong
size or style, it’s definitely worth thinking about. Choosing a beautiful ring together and making a day out of it will be another day you’ll remember
forever, on top of your proposal and your wedding.

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What are you going to do – do you think people should choose their own engagement rings or not? Leave your thoughts below!