Tips On How To Write a Great Wedding Speech

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In a wedding, there are three
primary wedding speeches that will be heard.
The first one will be coming from
the bride’s father. This is usually the most emotional speech and the most
unforgettable one. It becomes very touching when the father includes in his
speech how he is giving his blessing to his daughter and her new husband.
The second part of the wedding
speech is the groom’s speech. Here, he will thank his parents for all their
love and care. He will also thank all those who made the celebration possible
and memorable.
And last is the best man’s speech.
Usually, this type of wedding speech is the most enlightening one because it
entails the lighter side of the event. The best man will tell stories about the
groom and his crazy antics.
Of all these speeches, the audience
should be the primary factor that should be considered when making the wedding
speech. Thinking of the audience, the speaker will be able to identify which
things should be said and which things should be left out.
Now let’s get into the tips for
writing wedding speeches from
Simply Elegant
, a
Calgary-based wedding planning company.

The myth of
wedding speeches

In most cases, the most common
misconception of most wedding speakers about wedding speeches is that they
thought that they were speaking to the bride and the groom only, which should
not be the case. The wedding speech should be delivered to all of the guests.
In fact, the impression most wedding speakers make reflects back to the bride
and groom.

Wedding speech

Split your speech into several
sections: introduction, middle, and closing. Write down a few ideas for
For the introduction, you should say
who you are, since probably not everyone in the audience will know you. It
is also the right place to say a few words to thank the people hosting the
wedding (mostly the parents of the bride or the groom). The intro is
important because many people are focused on you and will remember it best.
After the intro, a joke to lighten
up the mood and get the attention of the audience is a good idea. However,
it’s a good idea to get someone else’s opinion on your joke if it’s not
mainstream. Not everyone may share your sense of humour, and there are few
things that mess up the impression more than a joke which nobody laughs at.
In the core of your speech, you can
tell a (short!) story on how you met the groom or bride, your ideas on
their marriage (positive of course), how you think their relationship has
changed them, and what it might bring in future.
For the closing, it’s hard to go
wrong with a traditional toast or blessing for the couple. Make your toast
loud and impressive, don’t forget to have a glass around, and drink to
your toast yourself.

Practicing your
wedding speech

You will want to practice your
speech a thousand times until it sticks in your head like your SSN. Then once
you know it well to re-sight it, then get together with friends and give the
speech to them…this is when you can find out if there are things you need to
work on.

Delivery your

Now when that big day comes,
remember to make eye contact with the key guest. Don’t slump over the table,
and talk calmly and slowly so everyone can understand each and every one of
your words. Plus whatever you do don’t have a sheet of paper with little notes
that you have taken, this is not a good look and the speech will seem staged
more than a speech from the heart.
You want your speech to be
entertaining, heartfelt, and/or humorous but you don’t want it to take forever!
If you take the time to write what you plan to say, you can then decide what
you really want in the speech and then cut the other parts out.
Don’t forget to thank the guests for
coming out to attend the
wedding and Most importantly, end it with a
good quote for example “May the light of friendship guide your paths
together, may the laughter of children grace the halls of your home, and may
the joy of living for one another trip a smile from your lips, a twinkle from
your eye.” “May your troubles be less, and your blessings be more.
And may nothing but happiness come through your door.” And so on.

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