So Many Candles, So Little Time!

            We at You’re The Bride know that a bride is a very busy woman! So to help save you some time and we are going to give you an education on candles!
            There are many, many different types of candles and some are better suited for certain occasions. Candles are a great way to add intimacy, light, scent, and decoration to any occasion. But which ones to use?
1.      Long Tapers- these candles provide a smooth and gentle light. Usually add a sense of elegance to the room. Tapers are made to fit most standard candleholders, burn gently for longer periods of time (look out for drips!), and are usually unscented.

2.      Pillar- most common candle, cylindrical in shape and can be tall or short. Come in many colors and scents and are most oftenly made of wax, also come in flame-less!

3.      Tea- small usually round candles. Have a burning time of about 4-6 hrs and are not often scented. Used to create great accent lighting on a table but be sure they are in a holder because the tin around them gets hot and can be tipped over very easily. A flame-less option here is best.

4.      Votive- these are a little larger than the tea lights, sometimes scented, and are great because you can use the same votive holder over and over because they are so easy to change out. They burn from 6-12 hours and come in a large variety. Best used in centerpiece settings.
5.      Floating- these candles are a great decoration idea. They come in hundreds of shapes and sizes; many are shaped into roses, lilies…ect. The wax has a coating allowing it to float on top of the water and the light reflects beautifully off of it. It is also a great way to make sure there aren’t any fires!

6.      Soy- these candles are made from soy materials instead of paraffin. This burns much more cleanly no black smoke, but are a more costly candle. Come in many varieties in scent, size, and color.
7.      Gel- a combination of mineral oil and resin, these candles are clear which allow the maker (or yourself!) to create any kind of scene! Flowers, fruits, veggies, toys, seeds, plastic scenes..ect the list is endless! They are scented using oils and burn exquisitely.
8.   Jar- these are candles that already have the wax poured into the jar. The wax burns inside of it, and they come in just about every jar you can think of.
9.      Utility- these candles are usually from 5-12 inches long. Are used for around the house emergencies. Not the best candle to use for occasions as they are very roughly made, but they are very long burning candles and very sturdy. They can be useful for outdoor ceremonies and receptions.
10.  Luminara- smaller outdoor candles usually placed in sand. Are very bright burning and are also available in mosquito repellent scent!

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