Why Would You Want the Same Venue as Everyone Else?!!

The answer is you wouldn’t! One of the hottest up and coming trends for spring and fall weddings are to book tented venues! The unique look of draped fabric and custom lighting can create the perfect setting for any wedding. The use of a tented venue can be created using many different forms including:

* High peaked- adds a beautiful high ceiling with gorgeous draping effects
* Clear span- great for large crowds and allows the guests to view the scenery both during the day and night.

* Framed- just using the metal/pole frames of the tent without covering them. This allows the space to remain open while still keeping the closeness of the wedding atmosphere.

Many brides are choosing not only to have these weddings outdoors but indoors as well! The tents can be set up inside a space to create the look of a tented wedding but eliminating the outdoor elements and limitations. Just about any space can be used for a tented wedding including:

* Back yards

* Old barns

* Beaches

* Estates

* Country clubs

* Parks

* And many more!

When choosing to use tenting as a venue brides must keep in mind the tent size required for the number of guests, vendors, utilities, and anything else the bride may want to include. These are the common tent size regulations according to the number of wedding attendees:


20 x 20 400 40 people

20 x 30 600 60 people

20 x 40 800 80 people

20 x 60 1200 80-100 people

30 x 30 900 80 people

30 x 50 1500 93-116 people

30 x 60 1800 113-141 people

40 x 40 1600 100-125 people

40 x 50 2000 126-158 people

40 x 60 2400 153-191 people

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