Thank You Card Etiquette

Writing thank you notes is something you should take care of as soon as possible. If you need tips on how to write your thank you notes, here are some tips provided by Mindy Weiss’s “The Wedding Book”

Your goal is to make your notes sound warm and personal. Four or five sentences will suffice for all but your very closest friends and family members. In those sentences you want to:

-Thank the guest for the gift.

-Describe how you’ll use it. If you’re not sure, put your imagination to work. For a hand-painted ceramic soup tureen, you might say “It will look terrific on our table for our first Thanksgiving dinner.” Avoid vague, all-purpose phrases such as “Thanks for the great gift. It’s sure to come in handy.” It should be clear that you couldn’t possibly describing any gift other than theirs.

-State how lovely it was or will be to see them at the wedding. If they were unable to attend but still sent a gift, express how sorry you were that they weren’t able to be there. If they did attend, add a personal observation- a compliment about how they looked, how beautifully they danced the samba, or their joke that had the whole table in stitches.

-Make a reference to a future visit or get-together, and if you can tie it back to the gift, so much the better: “We look forward to having you over for cocktails soon and putting that gorgeous martini shaker to work”

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