Awesome Wedding Reception Ideas

When many of us look at our lives and the path we want it to take, one of the main things we all want to do
is tie the knot with the person we love. Getting married is the most amazing experience in the world and it
allows us to spend our life with the person we love.

Of course there is a lot involved in planning a wedding such as venues, food, finding the best dress and suit
and picking out the best AAA Jewelers diamond rings for you both to exchange at the altar.But after all of this
you have a party to plan, and the reception can be just as big a part of the day as the ceremony itself. Here are
some ideas for amazing receptions for you and your loved ones.

Activity evening

If you feel as if you simply can’t decide what to do for your wedding reception, there is nothing wrong with adding
in a bit of everything. If you love being in the great outdoors and wanted to go for a walk, you can have an afternoon
stroll. Fancy a pint at a quaint pub? Go for it! When you get to the venue you can have a cocktail hour, bring in the
karaoke and photo booth and just play some fun games with your friends and family.

Disco night

If you love the disco era of life and you fondly remember those school discos from back in the day where all of the girls
would huddle on one side of the room and the boys would huddle on the other: use this and bring some nostalgia to your
big day! Break out the scary wigs and platform heels and spend the evening dancing along to all those classics and bonding
with your family and friends. And don’t forget to add on that obligatory slow dance at the end of the night for those of you who
are still standing!

Medieval Banquet

If you aren’t a fan of doing things the regular way and you want to make an impression with your wedding reception, you can
have a medieval feast and party set in an idyllic English Castle. Spend the day drinking ale and wine and enjoy activities such
as jousting with your friends. It will be a completely new experience for everyone who comes and this will allow you to really
make the most of a memorable day.

Simple barbecue

Something which could be fun for a summer themed wedding would be to get outside and enjoy the warm weather by having a barbecue outdoors. You can pick almost any outdoor venue and set up a fantastic summer party for everyone in your family. Serve up barbecue classics and hire a mobile bar to come and make cocktails and serve some fun drinks. When he night starts to draw in you can vacate to a marquee and dance the night away with your friends and family.

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