Woodward Avenue Brewers ~ Bridal Shower

You’re The Bride has been working with Bethany since August 2010 on her destination wedding that will take place at Garland Resort in Lewiston on May 7th.

Saturday was her couple’s shower at the WAB in Ferndale consisting of about 30 guests. How can a bridal shower that has beer not be a huge hit?! We rented this private space that was perfect for the type of relaxed, casual atmosphere Bethany wanted.

Upon the arrival we gave each guest a name tag and drink tickets. To break the ice a little we played a awesome game that I recently played at a recent ABC event called “Find Someone Who” ( I customized it for her event) …. for example who is not on facebook, who is allergic to shellfish, who does not have more than one tv, you get the idea. The guests loved it.

I surprised the bride and groom with a special table top water fountain that included their engagement picture and shower invitation on a transparency. Here are some pictures to enjoy! Please contact us at tracie@yourethebride.com or 248-408-4602 if you need a party planned.

Event Planning,Coordination and Centerpieces-You’re The Bride
Cake-Holiday Market
Venue, Drink Menu’s and Drink Tickets-Woodward Avenue Brewers
Name tags and U of M paper products-Mother of Bride, Linda
Couple pictures-Maid of Honor, Jackie

Go Wolverines! That was some delicious cake. Marble with fresh raspberries and jam filling. Their frosting is to die for.

Time to Eat the awesome appetizers!
Check out this drink menu!
This was much prettier in person as my camera doesn’t capture it to well with the flowing water.

Practicing to cut the cake before the big day !

Sorority Sisters do a shot before the opening of the gifts!
Present Time!
Everyone loved the pretzels and 3 kinds of mustard. Yum !