4 Next Day Wedding Must Haves & Dos

Photo Credit: pexels.com
You wake up in your perfect hotel room, amazing hubby next
to you, and have a magical honeymoon planned out for the next week. However, to
make your flight, you must be at the airport at 11:00am. This means it is time
to jump out of your bed and get out the door. Here are some must haves to keep
relaxed in between that next day exhaustion and blissful honeymoon.
Photo Credit: pexels.com
#1 Have fluids and food at the ready- have your wedding
planner get your hotel room fridge stocked with water bottles and protein
packed snacks that are ready for a grab and go morning.
#2 Bags ready to go- Any items you are taking that are not
temperature sensitive can be kept already packed up and ready to go in the
trunk of your car. Your hotel room should have only the necessities you need so
that you are not concerned with triple checking every item in the morning.
#3 Make time- set an alarm a little early so that you and
your partner can have some time one on one before it is time to get out of your
bed. Reflecting on the day before and the future you will have together will
set the mood for the rest of your honeymoon.
#4 Entertainment for the ride- Some flights can span hours
upon hours depending on your destination. Make sure your prepacked carryon has
some fun ways to pass the time. Try to find activities that include both of
you. Quirky card games or a favorite movie on your laptop is a great way to
pass the time. Chances are, you two might end up spending most of the trip
sleeping off the fun of your wedding from the day before. Hey, anything that
makes the flight go by faster is a win in our book.
Photo Credit: pexels.com
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