Catering Ideas for Vegans for Wedding Receptions

has become a lifestyle trend for many people. Vegans avoid consumption of all
animal products in their diet. Till a decade back, it was a rather unusual
occurrence to see an all vegetarian or an all vegan buffet at a wedding.
However, with recent rapid changes in society and mindset, veganism as a
lifestyle has been adopted by many people the world over. Today, there are a
plethora of options that are available on vegan menus.
if you aren’t vegan, having a few delicious vegan options on the wedding buffet
would be a good idea for your vegan guests. After all, you do not want anyone
to feel left out or awkward at your wedding. A few well-placed signboards
indicating vegan specialties are sure to bring a smile on the faces of your
vegan guests.

personally attended an eco-friendly wedding recently and from the setting right
down to the
everything was sustainable, natural and
organic. Of course, this also accounted for the catering! I was pleasantly
surprised by the variety and deliciousness of the vegan food options available.
Much to my surprise I didn’t even miss the non-vegetarian options and instead
partook in the celebration with equal, if not more, gusto! The couple was vegan,
but many of their guests were not. The guests couldn’t wrap their heads around
the idea of not having eggs, fish, meat, poultry, dairy, or even honey! The
couple still went ahead with a vegan menu as a platform to showcase their
lifestyle and a similar mindset. The wedding food, needless to say, was a
smashing success!

us look at some catering ideas for vegans in wedding receptions.

Speak to your caterer in advance:
to your caterer well in advance and have an upfront conversation about ingredients
that you wish to have and those that you don’t. Ideally, a caterer that has the
facility to separate vegan cooking from one that cooks with animal products is
ideal to avoid a mix up on the day of. Being candid about this conversation is
as important as deciding which dishes you will decide upon.
Make inquiries about vegan cakes:
you finalize the dishes, go for a cake tasting with your partner to decide
which vegan cake you would like. Vegan cakes can be made with almond flours and
without adding dairy products like butter and cream. Instead search for vegan
bakers that offer cakes like carrot and cream cheese vegan cakes, almond cakes,
vegan chocolate cakes, lemon and fig cheesecakes, banana cakes with coconut
icing, blueberry coconut cakes, and so on. Follow through with your vegan
wedding idea right to the cake, and you would have a wonderful vegan wedding.
Decide on the wedding menu:
selecting a vegan menu, keep plenty of options available in hors d’ouvres,
soups and salads, casual and formal entrees, and desserts. Let us look at a few
options in each.
– Most people look forward to the cocktail
hour when there are huge arrangements and spreads of hors d’ouvres. Have fun,
appetizing, yet casual delicacies that are in tune with your vegan theme.
Options like smoky avocado fries, lentil and mushroom sliders, russet potato
croquettes, plantain chips with chili dips, sticky cauliflower wings, and tofu
sushi are sure to be great hits. For vegan cheese platters, opt for macadamia
nut brie, vegan baked cheese, vegan cheese balls, and so on.
and Salads
– Like the hors d’ouvres, soups and salads
also play an important part. Options like kale and apricot salads, cold
strawberry soup, watermelon and soy salads, zucchini soup, carrot bisques,
spring green and walnut salads, and so on can be thought of.
– Casual entrees can be fun foods for people
who want a slightly informal affair. You could serve foods like mushroom
sliders with ranch dressing, falafel with beetroot and lemon mayonnaise, baked
avocado and green tacos, sweet potato mash, grilled cauliflower kebabs with
coconut dips, and spinach lasagna.
– Formal entrees are for people who prefer a
formal sit down reception arrangement. Caterers can serve tofu steaks with
cream sauce, saffron risottos, cauliflower piccata, grilled tofu with mushroom
and white wine sauce, and so on.
– Apart from the vegan wedding cake, you could also serve vegan ice creams,
puddings, mini pastries, and sorbets. Banana ice cream, raspberry and peanut
truffles, ginger cookies with vegan frosting, and vegan lime cheesecakes are a
sure way to make your guests extremely happy.
you decide to choose for your vegan wedding menu, ensure that you taste everything
beforehand. Select the most delicious options so that you are rest assured your
guests will enjoy themselves.

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