Making Your Wedding Venue Into A Paradise

When it comes to organising the biggest day of your life there are a lot of things to think about
and a huge amount of planning involves to make sure the day goes as smoothly as it possibly can.
One of the biggest decisions you need to make as a couple when planning your wedding day is where
it will be held, and the venue of a wedding can set the whole tone of the day and have a big impact on
the enjoyment you have with your family and friends. To make your venue the best it can possibly be on
your wedding day, here are all of the things you will want to think about doing.

Choose a great date

Before you think about anything else, you will want to ensure that you pick the right date for your wedding to be held.
The time of year in which you have your wedding can have a big impact on the overall tone and
feel of the day so it is important to think about what kind of wedding you want. If you are looking for an outdoor
wedding or one on the beach, you will want to plan the wedding day for the summertime when it is hot and the
days are much longer. However if you want a cosy and comfortable affair indoors with your family, an autumn or
winter wedding could be a really great choice for you all. Make sure that you think about this long and hard and
make a good decision because the rest of the day will depend on this.

Stay overnight

If you want to ensure that your wedding venue is the most beautiful it can possibly be for the big day, you might want
to consider cutting out travel costs and staying in the venue or close by the night before. This will allow you to go in
and check up on the decorations in the morning and you can even add some extra touches to it to make sure it is exactly
how you envisioned it being on this day. It will take the stress off you because you will have more control and you can be
sure that the venue is everything you dreamed it would be.

Choose your colour scheme

Colour is a massive part of a wedding and it will dictate many different things throughout the day. It will dictate your
bridesmaids dresses, suits, flowers, lights, centrepieces, table cloths and ribbons which will be used in the venture to make
it feel magical all day. It is therefore important that you take your time to pick a colour scheme which you both love.
You can find inspiration for wedding colour schemes online and you can also use paint sample sheets to come up with
which colours go together for the big day. This will be another factor which can make a big impact on the day so make sure
you don’t rush the decision before you are totally sure about it.

Pick a theme

If you are finding it hard to pick the colours right away, one of the ways to skip this decision can be to pick a theme instead,
and the colours will come naturally as a result. For example, if you choose to have a Christmas themed wedding in December,
your colour choices will immediately be narrowed down and you can think about bringing red, emerald green, silver, gold and
white into your wedding. When you pick a theme it can make things much easier in terms of decoration too because there are
always certain objects or decorative items which fit with a certain theme.

Choose your flowers

Flowers are a big decision when it comes to picking the right ones for your wedding day and they will have a huge effect on
whether your venue feels classy and refined or bright and full of life. You can find ready made arrangements on websites such
as Interflora and you can choose from a large range of bouquets, or you can get a professional such as
to make a custom arrangement for you to use. Choosing the custom route is better because you will be able to choose the exact
shapes and flowers you want in your arrangements and the result will be completely unique to you and your big day, not just the same
as everyone else.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is key when it comes to making a beautiful wedding venue. It might be tempting to hang things from every single space in the
room, but you need to remember that people will want to eat and be able to see each other across the room throughout the day. Think
about keeping the tables simple with a centrepiece and some gems scattered across in your theme colours. You can add a few cute
polaroid pictures to each table to show your relationship with the different guests, but don’t go overboard. A classy wedding keeps it
simple and let’s those big features speak for themselves.

Hang some lights

Lighting is a huge part of making a wedding feel special, and there is no other type of lighting which is quite as magical as fairy lights,
if you have a venue which has beams in the ceiling you can hang the lights from here, otherwise you can find spaces in the room to
bring in soft lights and make the room feel magical and warm for everyone who comes to see you.

Make a playlist

Music is always a massive part of your wedding day, and the music which you decide to use on the big day can have a massive effect
on the atmosphere of the day and the way your wedding is perceived by everyone who visits. You could opt for a jazz brass or something
more classical, or you can simply bring along a set of speakers and an awesome playlist you have made yourself and have this playing for
the whole evening. Whatever you choose to do it will have a big impact on the event.

Pick out centrepieces

The centrepieces for your tables on your wedding day provide a huge part of the overall decor to the room and therefore you need to make
sure that you don’t rush making your centrepieces. You can think about using a simple bouquet of flowers to fit in with the rest of the colour,
or you can get a little bit creative. A lot of people opt for vases with battery operated lights inside which makes every table softly glow for the
duration of the afternoon. You can use a wide glass bowl and float flower shaped candles in the water, you could print off a photograph of a
place for each table to be named after… there are endless ideas and you can make a big impression by choosing something unique on your big day.

Make your favours

Wedding favours are a way of saying thank you to everyone who comes to visit you on your wedding day and it can be a wonderful little gesture to
give to your friends and family on the day. You could make personalised mugs with photographs on, have wine glasses embossed with their names,
give packets of seeds to be planted in their gardens… try to pick something which will suit everyone in your wedding party and make sure it represents
you and your partner as a couple.

Install some entertainment

There is a lot to be said about bringing entertainment into your wedding venue and it can be the best thing you do to make the day feel more fun and
special for everyone who visits you. Think about bringing in something such as a Karaoke stage into the corner of the room where people can come
during the evening and sing their hearts out to the amusement of everyone else. You could make a photo booth with an SLR camera set up in the
corner of the room and a box of props ready to be used by your family and friends. There are loads of amazing things you can add to make the evening
more fun and to get everyone to let their hair down for the night.

Make some art

Most weddings have a guestbook which is placed on a table in the venue and which people can come and sign during the evening to wish the new
couple well and to make sure they have a great memory to keep forever. However, you can do more than just a guestbook and have a canvas laid
on the table where your family members can paint doodles and write notes for you both. You can then have this hung up in your home as a reminder
that you are loved and that everyone you knew supported you on your big day.

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