Wondering what to wear to your engagement photo session?

Here are a few tips:

Keep it Simple

Avoid busy clothing with distracting patterns. If your shirt could talk, it should be whispering. Steer clear of bold stripes, logos, or ruffles that can add unwanted bulk. Dark colors are most flattering, but black can wash out a pale complexion. Opt for navy or blue instead.

Be Yourself

Don’t reinvent yourself for the photo shoot. The photos should reflect your personal style. Wear something in which you feel comfortable and confident

Make-up is a Must

At a minimum, consider a concealer or light powder to even out your skin tone; you’ll be happy with the result. Add in a touch of mascara to lengthen your lashes.

Compliment Each Other

Remember fourth grade, when you and your best friend wore matching outfits? This is not fourth grade. Pick a color scheme that both your wardrobes can accommodate. Coordinate your outfits together, but leave the matching fanny packs at home.

Mix it Up

Changing accessories during the shoot adds variety. Try subtle wardrobe changes like adding a scarf or switching out your necklace or shoes to add some character. Remember to keep it simple.

Article courtesy of Inframe Bride.

photo: http://www.bridalbuds.com/wp-content/uploads/engagement_photo_02.jpg