How Your Wedding Should Be Captured For The Ages

There are many women who have always dreamed about what their wedding day would be like.
If we’re honest, most girls in their early teens are already starting to make plans for their special day.
Not all of these plans will make it over the years but they do allow you to imagine what it could be like
in future. We’re heavily influenced by Hollywood and the movies that this corner of the world produces.
Romantic films have a huge impact on the desires of women around the world and the all important wedding
day is no different. Many films will often depict a certain kind of wedding. However there are always a few
commonalities they share. These things are the long white dress, little children that throw flowers in front of
the bride as she walks down the aisle, and of course the glittering hall where all eyes are on her. We don’t
often realize it but it’s how the wedding is seen from our perspective that makes us fall in love with it.
So that brings up the question, how do you want to look back and view your wedding? How should your
wedding be captured for the ages?

Different heights matter

The classic stairway shot is one of the most iconic images of weddings. Looking down at all your guests,
at your most loved ones and the happy couple is something you may want too. Showered in flower petals,
you also have the atmosphere of celebration and joy falling upon you. If the hallway in which you take this
shot has a chandelier lighting, you can use it to give your image a sparkling effect. Since you are looking down
from let’s say a balcony, the cameraman or the photographer can take a wide angle shot of everyone looking up.
It’s an angle that usually compliment your face since the other lines of your body are minimized. It’s also a great
angle for a first kiss photo or video. You may even want to take your first dance in the hallway among large open
stairs and lights. Capturing your wedding from different heights also gives the perception of adventure.

The wide open shot

Having an outdoors wedding? Well you have the chance to get another iconic angle of your wedding which
is the wide open shot. This is when the Wedding Photographer can take a slow panning shot of all the guests
sat down for your ceremony. It’s also when you get to show the location of your wedding. Long swooping hills,
flat grasslands, meadows and farmyards are some of the best backdrop selections you can have.
Therefore, you want to get all of this in your wedding photos or perhaps on video. If the photographer knows
that they’re doing, they will also capture the faces of all your loved ones when you’re walking down the aisle
and when you’re reading your vows. However they will do so silently and with the utmost respect as to not
disturb their shot or the genuine reactions of their subjects.

Alone but together

Of course perhaps the most memorable moment in your wedding will be when you and your new partner
will be alone but together. This is called the romantic or picturesque shot whereby it’s just the couple,
looking off into the distance and holding each other. It may also be the moment you want to share a kiss
and have that as your final shot. These kinds of moments are best captured in a classical building or perhaps
a famous historic ruin. For example if you’re having a wedding in Italy, you may want to get a shot of the Napoli hills.
If you’re in Rome then the famous Roman Empire ruins are perhaps the best option. Maybe if you want something religious,
you can go to a famous cathedral. The point is to make sure this moment is as much like your imagination as possible.
Usually this is the final shot of the wedding day ceremony so you should think carefully about how you want this to be captured.
Flat horizontal angles are usually the best as they get the horizon in the picture too which is something you may want for natural lighting.
Weddings themselves can be pretty linear. They can have a start, middle and end but if you want to tell a unique story then you should
consider how you capture this day. Various angles and shots are needed for a truly mesmerizing wedding which you can look back on and
actually be entertained by it.

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