Having Trouble Choosing A Wedding Date?

Here are a few tips
and tricks that can solve your wedding date issues!

Choose your venue first!

If you’re not set on any specific dates then choosing a venue first can help
you decide which date is right for your special day. 
It may be more difficult
to start with a date then the venue because the odds of your preferred venue
having the date you want, may be lower, putting you at risk of not getting one
or the other.

Pick a date that has meaning!

Is there a specific anniversary or birthday of a past love one that was close with
you? Maybe the day you met? 
Choosing a date that has meaning can make your
special day that much more memorable.

Indoor or Outdoor?
If you want an indoor wedding that this doesn’t really apply to you because you
can pretty much choose any date you’d like and plan accordingly without having
to deal with any weather issues. On the other hand if you want an outdoor
wedding then you should start with May-June, or September-October, as those
months will have the nicest weather. Of course when you live in Michigan it is
tough to predict the weather so having a back-up plan is key!

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