Photo Booth Fun!

Photo booths burst onto the wedding scene a fair amount of years ago and unlike countless wedding trends before them, never left. Are they here to stay? Who knows. One thing that is for sure is that photo booths aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Maybe you’re “so over” photo booths and are in search for the next best thing in reception ideas.  Maybe you are excited to have one for your wedding. Whatever the case, here are some benefits of having a photo booth at your reception for you and your guests to enjoy.
If your photo booth rental includes custom photo strips, they can serve multiple purposes. First, you can place the photo strip at each place setting to use as a wedding favor. This also kills two birds with one stone, as you won’t have to purchase separate favors. Next, photo strips can be used as a seating chart. You can put the table number and a small note to check out the photo booth in the strip and the guests can use it later. Your guests will be more likely to make a plan to stop by and get their photo strip filled up so they have a keepsake to take home with them
Having a photo booth at your wedding enhances your guests overall experience. Things I have heard at weddings are “I thought there would be a photo booth here” and “this is my favorite part of wedding receptions”. Guests pretty much expect photo booths at this point. So not having one might put a small damper on your guests mood. 
This one is my favorite: Gather your best friends, your family, your old college roommate and have a mini photo session! This is a great way for the happy couple to make sure their guests are having a good time. Who doesn’t want to be one of the special few who got a picture with the bride? Throw in all the funny signs and props and you have a recipe for a great time!
Lastly, photo booths only get more and more fun as the night goes on. What do photo booths and alcohol have in common? If they are both at a wedding then you can bet the pictures will be priceless. This is an excellent way for your guests to actually remember your wedding.  
Maybe a photo booth just isn’t in your budget. Thats ok, we have a secret. Thanks to technology you can create your own photo booth. With different apps available on your phone or tablet you can set up a background and bring in props and your guests can take their own photos. An example, your iPad can double as a DIY photo booth with the Wedding Booth app.
You’re The Bride loves photo booths at weddings! In fact, we all have photo strips on our refrigerators from past client weddings. Its nice to be reminded of the fun times and beautiful weddings we helped create. Check out this photo of us at Andrea & Carl’s wedding this past May. 
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