Why You Should Have Some Fun, and Be a Bit Daring, While Setting the Theme for Your Wedding

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Generally speaking, there are two broad “templates” that people most commonly follow when planning their weddings.

The first of these templates is to do things the “ultramodern” and “minimalist” way, and essentially elope. After a brief

ceremony at a town hall or registry office, the reception will then take place in an apartment, or restaurant, and will feature

a small handful of close friends and family. The other of these templates is to go the “traditional route,” whatever that may mean

in your particular culture. In general, in the Western world, this will mean a ceremony in an attractive old church, followed by a fully

catered reception in a semirural area, with a black tie dress code. It’s easy to see the attraction to both of these approaches. The “minimalist”

approach allows you to get the process done with quickly and affirm your commitment to each other without a lengthy engagement. It also

saves plenty of money, and leaves you with a lot more in the bank to spend on the honeymoon.

The other approach honours the traditions of your culture, allows you to enjoy a sense of continuity, and gives your family the classic Hallmark

photograph moment that they might all have been waiting for.

Between these two options, however, there is a world of possibility that you might do well to explore. You could choose a daring theme, based

on your interests, and really commit to having a wedding that stands out from the ordinary, and that caters to your particular aesthetic sensibilities.

If you’re a big Star Trek fan, the decorations for tables could be set up to replicate the dining quarters on the USS Enterprise, for example.

Here are a few reasons why you should have some fun, and should perhaps be a bit daring, when choosing the theme for your wedding.

Because it’s your special day – and hopefully, you’ll only be doing this once

Let’s face it, first and foremost your wedding is all about you and your partner. It’s your special day – that fairytale moment that you may well have

been dreaming about for your entire life, and, hopefully, it’s something you’ll only be doing once in your life as well. Keeping all that in mind, it’s perfectly

reasonable to use your wedding as a way of treating yourself, and having as much fun with things as you possibly can.

So ask yourself – what would your dream wedding look like, if there were no obstacles in the way? Spend some time reflecting on this question, and coming

up with a vision that you can base your wedding template off of.

Of course, there will be practical limitations to just how fantastical and extravagant you can make your wedding, but once you’ve got a vision of your dream

wedding in mind, as it would be if there were no limitations in place, you’ll be in a great position for figuring out the practicalities and moving things closer and

closer in that direction. Consider all the different possibilities, not just the most common and conventional approaches. Reflect on your hobbies, interests, and

passions in life, and think of ways to make your wedding reflect these. It might be that yours and your partner’s ultimate dream wedding looks a lot like a set from

Downton Abbey. Or, you might opt for a treehouse wedding (and yes, treehouse wedding venues do exist) to really take things into the realm of fairytale meets

Robin Hood. Without making things exceptionally difficult and frustrating for your guests, remember that this is, in fact, your special day, and treat it accordingly.

Let your imagination run wild.

Because it’s always good to host a wedding that everyone remembers

Everyone remembers their own wedding, and it’s a sure bet that our closest friends and relatives will remember our wedding fondly as well. But, especially if you’re

planning to invite a good number of guests outside your most immediate circle of acquaintances, having a wedding that is a bit more unconventional, daring, and imaginative, is a great way

of ensuring that as many people as possible have a truly memorable experience as well. In fact, doing things this way will also ensure that your own memories of the wedding are

likely to be that much richer and more uplifting, filled with appropriate humour, novelty, and fun. And, of course, when you pull out the photo album for future generations of your

family, or to show to  dinner guests decades down the line, it’s just a bit more fun to watch the look of surprise and amazement on their faces when you reveal that you parachuted

down to the site of your reception, or whatever the case may be.

Because formality is for the ceremony, and the reception is for fun

A wedding ceremony is always going to be a somewhat serious and heavy occasion, because it’s the moment when you say your vows, and formalise your commitment to your

partner in front of witnesses. It should be a heavy moment, and it’s a time for reflection, deep emotion, and weight. The wedding reception, on the other hand, is for fun – and

it’s an excellent excuse to have perhaps the best party of your life to date. As we get older, and as the responsibilities of life pile on, it’s natural that we don’t have as many

opportunities available as we once did for really letting your hair down, celebrating like crazy, and partying the night away. Your wedding is one of these precious occasions – and

it’s one that you get to share with the people closest to you in the entire world, as well. So let your hair down, and focus on making your reception as fun as possible, rather than

being overly concerned with the way you’re presenting yourself to other people.

Contact entertainment companies and set up fun games and events for yourself and your guests. Hire a band

or DJ to play your favourite teenage anthems. Have a night to remember.

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