What kind of train are you choosing for your dress?

How do you determine if a gown is “too formal” for your wedding vision? Well the answer normally comes with the length of the gowns train and veil. Long, cathedral length trains are best suited for a very formal evening wedding, while a short sweep train is appropriate for a daytime or less formal evening wedding. Here are the six basic types of train lengths.

The Royal: A dramatic and extravagant train that can fall anywhere up to twelve feet long.
The Cathedral: A very formal length, falling anywhere between six to eight feet long.
The Chapel: One of the most popular choices in train length, falling between three and four feel long.
The Court: Slightly less formal than the chapel length, falling between one or two fool long.

The Sweep: The least formal length, falling about six inches long.

The Watteau: A train that falls from the shoulder blades or back to the floor.