Vineyard Wedding

Vineyard themed weddings are all the rage right now, and whats not to love? Wine is classy, sophisticated and elegant. I know I am in love with the idea of having wine apart of a wedding theme and researched some great ways to add it to your wedding, below are some ideas to consider if this theme fits your fancy. 

Why start the theme with your reception? Wine can be incorporated in your ceremony! There is a very popular pin on pintrest that has been going around that fits this theme perfectly, it the First Fight Box. The idea behind the box is for the couple to put two love letters in the box with a bottle of wine, when the couple has their first big fight they open the box and remember why they fell in love. This is a special way to make you ceremony unique and incorporate your theme.

 Another great way to incorporate the theme is to have a wine tasting during appetizers, you can even accompany the appetizers with a card that lets guests know what wine goes with which foods. 

A cute idea alos found on pintrest is to make place card holders out of wine corks! This is super easy
looks darling along with the theme. 

Congratulations on your engagement!

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