It’s Your Wedding- MAKE it UP

want to look your absolute best on
the day of your wedding. Not only is the spotlight on you the whole day, but
also thousands of pictures will be taken and looked back on for years to come! Don’t
look back at them saying, “I wish.” Here a few tips on looking your absolute best on your special day:
1.     Trial runs!! Whether you are doing your own
makeup, or getting it done, practice a few times with the exact products you
will be using the day of your wedding. Like they say, practice makes perfect!
Natural vs. Fake: Many brides don’t apply very
much makeup because they are going for more of a natural look. I promise you a
little more makeup than you think will go along way, even if you want that
natural look!
Don’t skimp on
cover-up. The finish of your skin is one of the most important focal points in
your wedding album. You want your face to look flawless. Make sure you are
applying evenly more cover-up to your skin than normal.
Apply more blush than you think you should! A
little more blush can go along way! You need that color in your cheeks to
really emphasize your look. With that extra color on your face, you will pop
out more walking down the aisle and in all your wedding pictures!
is a must! More is better! Go a shade or two darker than you would normally wear.
This is a must for your appearance and for your pictures. If you think there is
too much lipstick on when you look in the mirror, that means it probably looks
awesome to guests, and it will look awesome in pictures.
Water proof/ Cry proof makeup. We all know the
day of your wedding can get a bit emotional. You don’t want your make up to be
running off your face! Make sure your eye makeup is melt and smudge proof! Makeup
is one thing not to cheat out on for the day of your wedding!
Don’t forget to bring with you touch up makeup.
Whatever you used earlier that day carry close with you, in case you need to
reapply. Most likely you will want to reapply anyway!

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