Lonely? Here are Five Cures for a Lonely Life

Being invited to a wedding when you don’t have a plus one can be depressing for sure. People are lonelier than ever. The number of people with no
close friends has tripled in recent decades. If you feel lonely on a regular basis, have a hard time finding community, or wish you spent more time with
friends, take heart. Finding a reliable social circle takes work, but there are some ways to improve your loneliness right away. Some are quick,
some take effort, but each one will leave you less lonely than before.

Take a Break from Social Media

If all your “social interaction” is online, you might not realize how few people you know personally. Remember that the internet can actually
stunt real relationships. Try taking a break from the internet, and see how many of your friends still text, call, and hang out in person.
This is your primary circle of real friends, and you should make an effort to see them in person, skype, or interact in real-life ways.

Stay in Touch with College Buddies

If you had strong friendship connections in college, but distance is keeping you apart, start putting serious effort in connecting.
Once or twice a year, get a vacation reunion together. You can have crazy good times with a vacation rental on Mackinac Island,
or a campsite that’s an equal travelling distance for everyone. Do group Skypes, or call each other up on a regular basis.
Real connection is possible, even when you’re far away.

Get a Pet

People are great, and you definitely need a human social circle. However, if you want to come home to love and loyalty, a pet is the perfect
cure for your loneliness. A happy dog or a cuddling cat cures your blues in minutes, so checking out a business like Florida Puppies Online
might be the perfect place to start looking for a home-based buddy.

Join Active Groups

Once you’re out of high school and college, it can be hard to meet people. Instead of failing to meet new friends, try to find social circles where
you can meet new people. A church group, a volunteer group, a trivia night community, or a gaming group could all be great ways to meet people
your same age, in your same line of interests.

Pursue Friendships

You’re not the only one looking for friends. You’re also not the only one who’s lonely. While it can be hard to set up these friendships at first, find other
people who are actively looking for community. Start small and welcome others in. If you keep pursuing a friend and they’re just not responding,
don’t waste your time. Start pursuing friends who want to spend time with you. Plenty of people will.

When it comes to curing loneliness, things probably won’t get better overnight. Instead, really eliminating loneliness takes real relationships,
and those can be hard to find. Don’t get discouraged! There are dozens of awesome people, as awesome and as lonely as you, looking for friends.
Intentional community can be a challenge, but if you commit to it, soon, loneliness will fade away.

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