Formula Blog Five – Regret Me Not

Not everything is going to be perfect at your wedding. If it was, you would not learn from it and be able to give advice to other friends and family getting married in the future.  On the other hand, you can and should always strive for the best. Here are several things brides have regretted the most after their weddings:

  • Not having a set time aside for pictures.  Everyone wants to mingle and congratulate you but it will be hard to look back on it if you do not capture the moment.
  • Having choreographed dances.  Whether it be your first dance or another one, brides have stated that while it seems a good idea at the time, you’ll just forget it.
  • Bustle’s not being done enough.  Make sure to take the time to do this properly.  It will take time and people will be impatient but it will be worth it and save some embarrassment in the end.
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Happy Planning!
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