Decorating the Church

If you’re having a church wedding, you’re probably looking for a way to decorate and make the space uniquely yours. Think about decorating the altar, aisle, pews, entry, ceiling, or centerpiece. Be sure before you use any type of decorations, that you check with the church to make sure they are allowed.

Of course the front of the church is where you will be standing, and where everyone will be looking. Using flowers is the most traditional way to decorate this area. A common way to do this is to place one or two arrangements of flowers behind the couple, and more flowers behind the wedding party. You could also consider bringing in an arch to stand under if your church allows this. Candles are another traditional and elegant way to decorate the altar area. Some churches use candles as part of your ceremony, while others it may be purely decorative.
An aisle runner is another great way to decorate. Aisle runners come in all different colors and designs. You can also incorporate flower petals either on top of, or in place of, an aisle runner.

Decorating the pew ends is also an elegant way to decorate. You can use anything from flowers to candles to ribbon. A simple google search will provide you with thousands of ideas for different pew decorations.

The entrance to the church is another great place to put flowers. Putting flowers outside and around the entrance will put guests in the wedding mood before they even enter the church.

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